Firedoor presents Australia’s first fire-powered menu, eschewing efficiency and convenience to showcase the natural beauty of wood fired cooking.

At Firedoor we work instinctively with the fire and the ingredients.

Our menu is entirely powered by wood fire and everything is cooked to order. The kitchen burns a collection of different woods daily to create coals that will then be used to enhance the natural characteristics of the ingredients. We collaborate with our producers and suppliers to bring you the best produce available each day.

Situated in the back streets of Surry Hills, within the former Silknit House, a 1911 heritage building on Mary Street, the urban space features an open kitchen that centres around two custom-made wood-fired ovens, three grills and an Australian-made hearth

Firedoor can cater to a range of function needs, Contact Sarah Barker at to find out more.

We look forward to welcoming you to Firedoor.