The woods at Firedoor are chosen for their unique properties to enhance the natural characteristics of the ingredients.


A sweet smelling wood, which is great for cooking and smoking, as it burns hot without giving off much flame. It pairs particularly well with poultry and shellfish but will compliment just about anything. Apple wood is a firedoor favourite for enhancing our seafood.


A high temperature wood with a low flame similar to apple wood. It has a mild fruity flavour that combines well with chocolate.


A solid wood that burns intensely with little flame, producing a subtle nuance for mushrooms and dairy products.


A wood that burns a rich robust aroma that is well-suited to red meat and game. Smaller pieces such as the vine shoots are ideal for fast fires to quickly cook smaller cuts of meat.


Though not a wood, hay contains coumarine; a phytochemical with a vanilla like flavour that naturally occurs in lavender, liquorice, strawberries, apricots, cherries, cinnamon, and sweet clover. It combusts readily and is great with mackerel, sweetbreads and snails.


A native australian wood with a dense structure, providing a slow burn at a high temperature. It is suited to a wide variety of cooking methods and is an ideal base to combine with lighter more aromatic woods.

Mallee root

Gnarly roots that burn with a long and intense heat, lending an earthy characteristic to ingredients such as mushrooms.


A light flavoured wood that is ideally suited to vegetable fruits such as peppers, eggplant and zucchini, delicate white-fleshed fish, as well as new-season lamb.


A wood that burns with a sweet perfume which combines well with the richness of mussels and salmon as well as crustaceans.


A wood that shares similar characteristics to apple and offers a gentle sweetness.


A hard, high heat wood that gives off a distinctive strong sweet flavour.

Stone fruit

Peach, plum and nectarine burn long and hard, pairing well with poultry and pork as well as squid, whilst adding profound depth to grilled fruit.

Wine barrels

The flavour of oak intensifies upon charring, resulting in a profile of toasted coconut, vanilla and spice. Aged wine barrels offer a subtle interplay of oak and wine tannins - a perfect pair with pork.